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Adding forest root domain after-the-fact

By blamaster ·
We want to migrate two domains with poorly designed namespaces into a new domain with the proper namespace. We're not sure, however, if this is possible since we would be effectively adding a parent domain as a root to an existing child. Here is the current situation (with names changed to protect the innocent):

Old domains:

New desired domain:

As we would like to do this in stages, can a new forest root domain (which would be the parent of the subdomain "") be added? If so, how would this best be approached?

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by CG IT In reply to Adding forest root domain ...

In Windows Server 2003, you can change domain names, here's a link

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by CG IT In reply to

here's another link for Domains in Active Directory. It's in 2 parts but give all the information on forest/tree domain organization and DNS namespace [as AD requires DNS to function].

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by blamaster In reply to Adding forest root domain ...

I should have added more info about the problem. Unfortunately these are Windows 2000 domains. Our new one will be Win 2003.

Since the NETBIOS name for the xyzcorp.local domain is "xyzcorp", this could cause problems when adding a new domain, right? Even if I create the new domain with a different NETBIOS name (i.e. NOT xyzcorp), could the new domain ( and the old domains co-exist on the same subnet without name conflicts?

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