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Adding Hard Drive

By granogue ·
I have a hard drive with very important info. on it that I need to copy onto my new hard drive that I installed. The hard drive with the info. on it isn't installed. It lays in an anti-static bag on a shelf. How can I retrieve the data on it? Would I need to install it as a second hard drive? And if installing it as a second hard drive, wouldn't that erase the data on it? Any suggestions would be helpful. I have a Compaq Presario 7596 desktop model. I went to their site but they didn't have the info. I needed. Also, I have an empty drive bay on my computer but I don't think I can install a second hard drive on it.

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by Richard.McKinney In reply to Adding Hard Drive

No, it would not delete the data. Installing it as a second drive is the answer.

First, ground yourself.

Check your motherboard. follow the cable from your present hard drive to the motherboard. If there is a second 40-pin IDE connector, you can use that one. If there is only one, see if there is a second connector on the present drive cable. If both of these are false, you will need to buy a new IDE Drive cable.

If there is a second connector on the motherboard (most do), no need to mess with jumpers. Plug it in to the second IDE connector with a 40-pin cable.

If there is only one IDE connector on the motherboard, you will need to set the jumpers on the drive to set is as the "slave". If it is a newer drive, it should have the jumpers marked. some have a label on top, while others just have small markings by the pins. It will probably be something like:

There will probably be a small plastic or metal "jumper" on the one marked MST. Move it to the one marked SLV.

Plug the new drive into the second connector on your cable, next to where the first one's cable is installed.

Attach a spare power cable to the new drive. Power up the system and enter the system BIOS. The system displays a message during the first stage of bootup that tells what key or key combination enters the BIOS. Check if the new drive is recognized.

Some of the drives have a third setting "single". For most, Master and Single are the same. If your system does not recognize the second drive at this time, check your first drive. If it has a "single" setting different from "Master" change it from Single to Master and try again.

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by granogue In reply to

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by granogue In reply to Adding Hard Drive

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