Adding Hard Drives to Dell PowerEdge 1800

By RCampbell ·
I have installed MS SBS 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge 1800. I have configured RAID 1 with two 80 GB hard drives for the operating system. I have two 250 GB hard drives installed for file storage.

On star-up the server "sees" the two 250GB drives, but I cannot access them once the system is fully loaded.

How can I configure the system for the hard drives to be available?

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Disk Management

by ugadata In reply to Adding Hard Drives to Del ...

What are you using to see the drives? Are the drives formatted?

Windows Explorer won't be able to "see" the drives unless they are already formatted.

Have you tried Disk Management? One way to open Disk Management is to right click on the "My Computer" icon and choose Manage from the context menu. Look under the Storage (click the plus sign if the list is not expanded) you should find Disk Management. This should show the drives and allow you to format them if needed.

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Can't find in Disk Management

by RCampbell In reply to Disk Management

The drives are formatted. I did that through the array program during start up. I cannot see the drives under disk management either.

I have removed them from an array. When I create an array using the array program during start up, it identifies the disk as a virtual disk on RAID 1 even if I create it as a volume drive.

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Check the RAID

by wrapley1 In reply to Adding Hard Drives to Del ...

Noramlly when you add new drives into Dell it will not automatically see them. When you boot up the server you will have to press ctrl+R to access Raid Configuiration.

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Nothing Happened

by RCampbell In reply to Check the RAID

I rebooted the server and pressed ctl + R while booting. The server restarted without going into RAID configuration.

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