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Adding HD--Changing Master/Slave

By jerryrm2k ·
I changed hard drives. I had an 80 Gig and added a 160 Gig. I left the 80 Gig the master and made the 160 Gig the slave. Then, I used the Western Digital program that came with the 160, Data Lifeguard Tools(Maybe I should have used Ghost, instead!), to copy the files from the 80 to the 160. After that I switched master and slave since I wanted the 160 as the master.

I am using Norton System Works 2004 as a computer help program and have used it regularly. When I ran it after changing HD's around, it showed a lot of errors.

I can run the WinDoctor and it gives me a bunch of problem areas mostly Invalid Active X/COM Entries (100 problems). Those I can automatically repair.

But the one that worries me is: Drive Change from C to E. (177 problems) A removable drive has been inserted or removed, or, a director was moved to a new drive causing drive C to appear as drive E. These problems should not be fixed automatically.

If I can't repair them automatically, I have no idea what to do to repair them. I did notice that when I tried to optimize, it got an error message that said it failed to open and I can't open it. I don't know if its related to all those errors or not.

Also, I noticed that MS Outlook opens up but won't successfully send or receive. Also, MS Word wants to "install" and then gives and error message but then goes ahead and works.

Anyway, can you tell me what to do to help with the drive change problem?

Thank you very much.


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by TheChas In reply to Adding HD--Changing Maste ...

I assume that you are running either Windows XP, or 2000.

Did you boot into Windows after copying the drive?

If so, XP would assign the new drive as E:

What you need to do, is start over again.

Copy the old drive to the new drive.
Remove the old drive, and boot with just the new drive.

It should come up as your C: drive.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Adding HD--Changing Maste ...

You still have a boot partition on the old drive.

The registry has entries pointing to the old C drive, which aren't on the new C Drive.

My advice is to put the old C drive back in, use Ghost to clone it to the larger drive and then switch drives again.

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by jerryrm2k In reply to Adding HD--Changing Maste ...

I did Ghost but something isn't right.

First, I notice my 160 Gig HD has only 149 Gig available even after I formatted it. Hate to lose 11 Gig to something unknown.

After formatting, I ran Ghost to copy my original C: drive and then disconnected the original C: drive and connected the new drive. It went through the startup but only to the blue screen with the MS Windows XP logo and the light shine in the upper left corner.

I am using XP Home SP2. I thought I could just add the new HD and make it my master and keep the other for backup, but I can't get it right yet.



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by OTL In reply to Adding HD--Changing Maste ...

I would;

1 Remove the 80G.
2 Make the 160G the master or CS
3 Remove the Data Lifeguard Tools (never had any luck with this product caused errors)
4 Fdisk the HD, then format
5 Load Windows from the OEM CD.
6 Do the reboots until is boots normally.
7 Load ISP connection and AV
8 Get on the net and update AV and a "CLEAN" operating system installation.
9 Add 80G HD, and copy the files you want a copy of, to the 160G.

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