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Adding images into database?

By Mohamed Nabil ·
i'm trying to insert a picture or an image into my database Oracle or Ms Access ?
- i need to now the data field type
- the operation to be done inorder to make it happen
- i there is an example please provide it

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by naseer In reply to Adding images into databa ...

I would suggest looking into LOB data types in Oracle, I don't about Access.
LOB is a new Data type to store these kinds of objects. file will contain a LOB data type and will only store the address of the object so you have to write program to retrieve it.

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by Flipp In reply to Adding images into databa ...

Data field type:
OLE Object

Operation to be done inorder to make it happen:
i. Copy and paste from explorer into table
ii. Insert an OLE object onto form
iii. Assign image via code eg.
oleLogo = rsProfile("fldLogo")

An example please provide it:

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by timfox In reply to Adding images into databa ...

To alleviate the size of my Access database, I used a text field in MS Access and a network directory to act as my file store. The text field simply stored the directory location to the file itself. If a user needs to view the file, I execute the file (similar to File -> Run).

This lets your database manage your data and your network system manage your files. You may have issues in preventing staff directly accessing the network file store, but there are some ways that you can protect it and program around this "hole".

Otherwise - use the image data type (available to MS Access, from version 2000?)


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by sjohnson175 In reply to Adding images into databa ...

I've been working in the imaging field for the past 9 years and Binary Large Objects (BLOB's or LOB's) have been around about as long.

In both shops covered by that time span I and several co-workers researched using BLOB's to store the images. We always found performance was far below our requirements and all the "hoops" you have to jump through to get the image into or out of the RDBMS (at least in the VB6/ADO world) simply made it not worth our while.

In each instance we stuck with the old reliable method of storing the images in a standard file system and having ASCII fields as "pointers" to the images.

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by khizar_dhakam In reply to Adding images into databa ...

The Data Type you use "Long Raw"
get a image in image field by "read_image_file"
and save it.

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