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    Adding Location to Office365 Outlook Appointment


    by bill in dallas ·

    With the latest update to Outlook on Office365 (on my desktop, not online), I cannot figure out how to add a location for an appointment. Previous versions allowed me to add appointments on the fly, typing in an address or pulling one from my address book. This latest version seems to want to add an email address for the location or for me to create a “room” for the appointment. I need the address to show in the appointment. Is this a configuration issue or is this just the way MS wants us to do it?

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      by smith_j100 ·

      In reply to Adding Location to Office365 Outlook Appointment

      First, the location is used to enter the Office 365 room mailbox, as you said, you need to create a room. Moreover, you can try to manually enter some email address in the location and then check if it can save it with an email address.

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      Adding Location to Office365

      by jackdanielsking2 ·

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      Here is my suggestion for you:

      Start typing and Outlook will look for matching locations.

      This applies to the Location field when creating Appointments and Meetings.

      Getting Started:

      Create an Appointment or Meeting on an O365or calendar in Outlook.

      Click into the Location field and start typing…

      Scenarios to Try

      When adding a conference room to a meeting, click into the Location field, rather than using the Room Finder add-in or Address Book. For appointments at a physical place with a public location – like a restaurant, coffee shop, or even your dentist’s office – try finding the exact location using the new picker. This way, you’ll be able to get notified on Outlook Mobile when it’s time to leave.

      I hope this Post Is Helpful

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