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    Adding Macs To A Windows Platform???


    by cudmasters los ·

    What do i need to consider before adding a few macs to a windows platform. DC,and TS. Never used a mac before, i am trying to learn it right now. Can i still print to printers to network? ets.


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      by cudmasters los ·

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      Well, I couldn’t guess at everything you have to consider,

      by seanferd ·

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      but you can get started by looking at instructions for setting up Macs in an AD environment, such as

      You may refine a search to include you version of Win Server.

      I would think network printers, etc., would be normally accessible, as networks rather tend to abstract the OS of the hosts. Configuring stuff in OSX may be a new stretch, but that’s why you love your job, right? 🙂

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      beware of OS version

      by beanxyz ·

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      You can use http://localhost:631 to connect to ur network printer, and Go to connect your windows network folders. If you use iMac OS 10.6, then you will have big trouble when join AD, it will automatically disconnected after reboot. So just use local account and connect to windows share folders when neccessary.

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