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Adding member server to the Domain

By shooshi1 ·
I added a file server to my domain. I have several folders, 1000s of files to share, and some programs. what is the right way to log on to domain from the file server, locally or directly log on to domain as a domain administrator???
Or generally, how can a member server be managed within a domain???(folder sharing,file sharing and apps sharing).
Thanks for any comments that help me.

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Adding member server to the Domain

by ND_IT In reply to Adding member server to ...

First, are you running Win2000 on your fileserver? I am currently working on a project now of upgrading our fileserver from NT 4.0 to 2000. I would set things up so that you can log in locally if you want just to change things locally on the computer, add folders, changing software settings, etc. I would also setup logging on as a domain admin for implemening group policies/permissions, browsing the network, etc. Hope this gives you some idea of what you are looking for.

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Adding server to ....

by shooshi1 In reply to Adding member server to t ...

Yes I am running win2k advanced file server. I understood that, file server should remain locally logged on. only I have to play with file/folder sharing permission???
How can I set access permission for domain users or domain admins or other groups to files or folders.(security permission and sharing permission)???? Please correct me if I am wrong??? Thanks...

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