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Adding Programs-Logging/Watching Installations

By jsk_white45 ·
When you download a program or installation file and open the .exe file there are software programs that log or list what folders are added, what registry keys are made or changed, etc. when that programs installs. But what are they called?

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I tried this one a while back

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Adding Programs-Logging/W ...

and it seemed to do the job.

I was invesitigating the strategies used to time/feature limit software. Not to break them I hasten to add, but to investigate their effectiveness and potential devlopment cost.
Company in question decided on the dongle route.

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by Jaqui In reply to I tried this one a while ...

are no more effective than any other route.

Lightwave was hardware dongle locked at one time, yet I saw a cracked lightwave working without the hardware dongle.

What helps the most is the attitude of your client base. If they are willing to buy it instead of going warez then you don't need any security to protect your software.
[ this may be influenced by pricing, but may not be. Maya is cracked for all os, but it's one crack for linux compared to 100 cracks for windows. When Alias sold to autodesk, part of the deal was continued support for Linux, which means Alias saw enough financial return in their Linux version to see that it pays to support Linux. ]

editing to add:

Alias went with the Flex License Manager for securing Maya on Linux, so they didn't ignore security / warez concerns, They just found that the warez use in the open source world is far less.
[ could it be that with so much free software floss users are willing to pay thousands for software if they want / need the software, respecting the rights of the Intellectual Proprty

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I didn't pick dongles

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to dongles

They didn't like the cost of the 'best' software solutions on the existing code base. The annoying thing is the software wasn't that expensive and support was tied into the number of seats.

Personally I'd have gone for cheap and cheerful like a registry key, we were only targeting big insurance firms anyway, they don't consciously make a decsion to pirate software anyway.

If you want to get paid, go for value for money, if it isn't locking usage down just makes things worse.

The most effective route to get paid for good software is updates/support for registered users. All software needs updating, and it's always cheaper to upgrade good software than to replace it. So may be vendors know their software is crap.

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I was only

by Jaqui In reply to I didn't pick dongles

pointing out that it's the client base that determines what solution is best, even hardware dongles are not infallible.

The best solution is the one that best fits the needs of the company, since there is not a guaranteed way to stop piracy, outside of going open source.

As you know, open source is much more focussed on the service end of the business to make money rather than the sell software end. All the open source licenses allow for that, the bsd license allows for using open source on a commercial product, which most explicitly prohibit.

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No problem

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I was only

I hadn't realised that I'd given the impression that a dongle was a secure solution.

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Found One Too..

by jsk_white45 In reply to Adding Programs-Logging/W ...

Tony thanks for your reply. WhatChanged? and InstallMonitor seems like a good start, if not a little pricey on the wallet for the advanced editions.
I did find Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2.
"Monitor all changes to your system-For advanced users Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 is a lot more than just an uninstaller. You can use it to monitor and log all changes made anywhere in your Windows? system between two points in time. For example you can find out where programs store their hidden settings and what files and settings they are changing when they are running. This makes it an invaluable system maintenance and debugging tool."
"W/Enhanced installer identification-You can now configure the UnInstall Watcher to identify installer programs other than setup.exe or install.exe. This includes a wildcard feature that automatically identifies update versions like program_name_0125.exe and program_name_0126.exe. UnInstall Watcher now identifies many more installers automatically so that you don't forget to log the installation.
USD 49.99"
In all it seems a little "advanced" for my knowledge. But the search (and a name) will continue.

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