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    adding router to DHCP server


    by netforce ·

    I have a DHCP/DNS server 2003 that I just installed with it’s own static ip of:

    Tried adding the server to the Belking 4 port router which has an ip of : to the lan port.

    I am unable to ping or access the routers web setup page.

    Disabled DHCP service but still no luck.

    Any help appreciated.

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      Wrong network

      by ccollins ·

      In reply to adding router to DHCP server

      You have a class C IP address, so network number is different to

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        Reply To: adding router to DHCP server

        by netforce ·

        In reply to Wrong network

        Should I then change the servers static ip add to: ?

        Also this is a DHCP server as well.

        After I change it where exactly do I add the routers static (need to change to) ip as a gateway?


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          Change Server IP

          by rene ·

          In reply to Reply To: adding router to DHCP server

          You need to change the server’s IP address to 192.168.2.X (X = any number that is not being used by a computer or router currently. Do not make it 0 or 255 as these are reserved.) You do this by going to your network connections in the control panel of the server. Right-Click on the Local Area Connection and click Properties. Find the Internet Protocol and Highlight it. Click the Properties tab just below it . Here you can change the IP address of the server. You also need to make sure you change the gateway address to point to the router. You also need to add a DNS server address which you can add the servers IP address or your ISP’s DNS server address

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          Secondary IP address on the server

          by xlescalier ·

          In reply to Change Server IP

          It might be easier to add (temporarily) a secondary IP address on the server, in the desired range. You can give up to 4 IP addresses. You can also add a supplemental DG if needed. This way you keep the original IP address without possibly causing service disruption.


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      This is the best advice of all

      by seanc ·

      In reply to adding router to DHCP server

      Get a good book on TCP/IP. Do not attempt to configure anything else until you get as far as being able to subnet in your head.

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