Adding Time Values together

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Hi, I am trying to add monthly working hours together eg 171.25 hours + 56.56 hours but cannot get Excel to do this. When I use HH:MM it changes the cell to a time format but the answer is wrong despite the correct (I think) sum is entered in the total colom ie SUM(B3:CC3). All cells have been set to HH:MM format but again when I enter the hours it changes the value. Can anyone help as I am going mad trying to fix this!?

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Depends on excel and what you are seeing.. try this..

by TG2 In reply to Adding Time Values togeth ...

Try this..

in excel 2003, I right clicked a row of cells, did "format cels", selected TIME in the category box, then for TYPE chose the one that shows me 37:30:55

with that selection, the time I see in the column is the amount I entered. If I physically click on one of the cells **after** I have entered a value, the top of the screen shows the time in hours/am/pm format, but the visual column shows me hours:mins:secs

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