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Adding Users to AD from Win98 Client

By huios ·
I am setting up a win2000 server in an ed facility at a state prison. I have setup the server and am getting ready to install it with a limited amount of clients all being win98se. The issue is that we have about 250+ users to add to AD and I cannot figure out how this can be done by more than one person at more than one location. In other words how can a user with admin rights sit down at a win98se client and help add users to AD when I am busy keeping the facility up and going on our Novell LAN. Note: I did not want Win2000 server, the state ed people bought it and I am stuck installing it! We are unable to put the ed facility on our wan because offenders are going to be accessing this 'closed' win2000 LAN for ed purposes. thats just me venting. Any Ideas? I have read up on dsclient and server extensions but how do I add users? is there a GUI that I can use, or can some management console be installed remotely? thanks!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Adding Users to AD from W ...

The answer is that you cannot effectively manage AD from a Windows 98SE workstation. You will need a Windows 2000 or Windows XP box to run the administrative MMC. You can run it by logging in locally to the Active Directory server and making changes here.

My recommendation is that you go back to the state education individuals and state that you cannot manage this device with existing equipment and they must supply a system with Windows XP Professional installed.

You can use LDIFE to mass add users to AD. It is fairly detailed and you shouldn't have an issue using it as it is very simple:

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by huios In reply to

Thanks Bfilmfan! That is what I thought. Appreciate it!

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by huios In reply to Adding Users to AD from W ...

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by huios In reply to Adding Users to AD from W ...

found a wy to add users from a win98 Client using a VB script! All you have to do is have admin rights on the server, create an addusr.vbs file with a text editor and it creates them perfectly, with whatever parameters you need!!!!
This is better than what was at ...

heres a basic example for all you out there looking for this:

Dim oDomain
Dim oUser

Set oDomain=GetObject("LDAP://OU=users,DC=yourserver,DC=com")
Set oUser = oDomain.Create("user","cn=John Smith")
oUser.Put "samAccountName","JSmith"
oUser.Put "givenName","John"
oUser.Put "sn","Smith"
oUser.Put "userPrincipalName",""
MsgBox "User created " & oUser.Name
Set oDomain = Nothing
MsgBox "Finished"


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