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Adding Wireless to a conference room

By Cristofore ·
We would like to add wireless to a conference room so our customers could check their email. Also we would like to have our employees be able to use their laptops to connect to the wireless projector to do their presentations.

We have about 30 laptop users but we only want them to use wireless in the conference room, not at their desk. I plan to use 802.11af for power.

Should I just go down and buy a wireless G router from the local computer store?

Should I go with A&G?

How many users can connect with a single access point?

Should I get a rack mounted management componet?

Which brands should I be looking into?

Some of the files might be large autocad drawings.
Some might be Adobe presentations.

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by josh In reply to Adding Wireless to a conf ...

1. I would get a Dlink Router with 802.11 a/b/g like these, and I wouldn't just go down to the store and buy them, look for the best price and product suitable for your needs :
That way if a employee or customer brings in a laptop you will be ready for any of them (A/B/G)

2. "How many users can connect with a single access point?" Depends on how you setup your network (IP Addressing, and Subneting) will tell you how many nodes can be connected.

3. I wouldn't think that you would want this rack mounted. Although you can mount it on the wall.

4. Dlink, Linksys, Netgear would be my top three brands.

Look for something with high data transfer, that way nodes with better wireless NIC's can get the 108MB connection and sending those big files won't take as long. How many feet do you plan on putting the router away from the conference room? How many walls will you be going through?
Good Luck

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by Cristofore In reply to

The comment with about being ready for A/B/G made this just barely acceptable. Thank you for the attempt.
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by TheChas In reply to Adding Wireless to a conf ...

As to limiting access to the WLAN to those in the conference room, their are 2 options:

Change the access password daily and only give it to those who need it that day.

Or, RF shield the conference room.

Figure on at least $10,000 (US) to shield the room.

Otherwise, you have to trust employees to follow the rules and not connect to the WLAN from their desks.


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by Cristofore In reply to

I had not thought about using passwords to control access, even though I am just an intern I should have. Thank you.
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by Jellimonsta In reply to Adding Wireless to a conf ...

Just a thought. You did not mention a budget, so I am not sure where that factors in your decision.
If you have some money to spend, you could purchase a Cisco 1231 or 1500 AP (not cheap though).
You can limit the distance of the AP antenna's to try to minimize signal bleed. Also, you usually have the choice of maximizing for throughput (bandwidth) or signal distance.
You would generally put the Cisco APs in the ceiling with the antenna celing mounted in the general vacinity (you could stick without an antenna, or with the standard antenna's due to low singal strenght needs).
Also, being as you want open authentication, I would look at using DHCP snooping to allow a disclaimer to pop up in the web browser before any access is permited (like WiFi hotspots or hotels). Note, the DHCP snooping can be done for minimal, or often times no cost. Good luck!

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by Cristofore In reply to

The Cisco 1230 does looking interesting. The plan is to put the AP in the ceiling above the conference room. Being able to give up distance for bandwidth sounds great. Thank you.
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by jdclyde In reply to Adding Wireless to a conf ...

if you put this on your DMZ, it will keep the rest of your network safe and still not have to worry about securing this access point.

Access point would go right in closet in conference room, up in the ceiling, or even on the wall.

Many access points allow you to back the signal down. There is often the option to limit what the connections can be made at.

a/b/g is your best bet if you want outsiders to have full access.

You set the DHCP range to decide how many people you would want on this. From the sounds of it, besides the projector, 10 would be max.

You didn't mention if your users would need to access any of your servers. If so, then make them VPN from the DMZ.

DO NOT give outsiders access to your LAN.

Management component would be overkill for what you have described AND set you back a few thousand. IF on DMZ, there isn't anything to protect at risk.

I would take the antenna right off and test connectivity. If in the same room, you shouldn't need them, and this will cut down on how far you transmit.

Oh yeah, if you let your employees know that the wired connection is TWICE as fast BEFORE you add in the wireless overhead, they will WANT to use their wired connection.

Brand, I would plan to spend about $200 on a netgear. Unless you plan on securing this, you don't have any need for a Cisco. Netgear even has some nice ones that run of PoE, so you won't have to worry about running power to where ever you stick this.

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by Cristofore In reply to

A lot of good points. I really liked the bit about telling the users the wired connection is twice as fast.
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by Cristofore In reply to Adding Wireless to a conf ...

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