Adding wireless to a corporate Subnet

By csaintours ·
I've been tasked with adding wireless connectivity to an office connected to us via point to point T1. I've googled myself silly and all I could find was, Assign a static IP, turn off DHCP. I tried that and all that happened was I wasn't able to connect to the router to continue configuration because my computer was waiting for an IP address and it wasn't getting one. I was able to get the office connected in the outward direction by just setting the router's DHCP pool to it's own unique subnet, but now they're wanting to be able to access shared resources on each other's computers. I'd tried every router configuration I could think of. The router is assigned a static IP. Setting the Router's internal IP address to it's external static, or evemn putting it on the same subnet as everything else don't allow for connectivity to the network. Tracert doesn't get past the router.

Here's an idea of the current network layout:
-Network A is on the .0 subnet (192.168.0.*). It houses our DNS, DHCP, Exchange, AD... etc.
-Netowrk B is connected via point to point T1 and is on the .21 subnet.
-Cisco 2821 routers are on both ends of the T1.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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What hardware is involved as the WAP here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Adding wireless to a corp ...

It will be in the way that you set that up as to allow those WiFi Users to access the internal Wired Network.

I just hope you have some decent security involved though as you are inserting a Opening through their security doing this.

I was looking at some WiFi Devices recently and they where claiming a range of 850 Meters that could access through WiFi. That is a very long way in a City Office Building.


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Just so I got this straight

by sidekick In reply to What hardware is involved ...

So you are at your local network. There is a T1 connecting your local site to a remote site, which is where the wireless is. Right?

Is there already a wired network at the remote site that is working? If so, it should just be a matter of either having the wireless computers on the same subnet or if they have there own subnet having NAT on the WAP. Please tell me if I'm missing something here.

Also, I would suggest using the MAC filter on the WAP as an extra layer of security

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