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    Adding Workstations to Server 2000 network .


    by djessemd ·

    I have had my Server 2000 network for the last 5 years. My office doesn’t have cable and is to far away from the node for fast dsl. The only thing I could get was dialup, T1, cellphone broadband. So i tried to put in HughesNet Dish. It doesn’t run any faster than cellphone broadband. When I tried to connect it to my network I messed up the connection to the server. I have 4 XP workstations attached to a standalone MS Server2000 file server. I had changed all the default gateways on the workstations but now the workstation all see each other through XP but I can’nt see the server and the server can’nt see the workgroup. I am about ready to reinstall the file server if I can’nt figure this out.

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