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    Additional Domain Controller


    by sunjay_singh ·

    I want to have redundancy for my Windows 2000 domain controller for which I installed another win2k server as an additional domain controller.
    When my main server is down users are not able to login into the domain.
    What additional settings do I need to do so that additional domain controller can take over when my main server fails.

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      by shmaltz ·

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      If it’s active directory then you don’t need to do anything on the new DC (domain controller) besides for running DCPROMO. If it still doesn’t run make sure, that DNS is running properly, You don’t have a disjointed namespace (the FQDN is correct on both of the DC’s, you can check that in the network identification tab). If the first DC is also the only DNS server then they might not be able to log on since there is no DNS server available to tell them which machine is a domain controller. Setup the second DC to as a DNS server as well, and make sure the clients know that this is also a DNS Server.

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      by rabbit_runner ·

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      What OS are your client workstations using? If they are Win9x or NT4, then the answer to your problem will not be easy. Let me explain. In a Windows 2000 domain with Active Directory, there are 5 FSMO’s (Flexible single masters of operations). One of these is the PDC emulator. The first domain controller, by default, becomes this PDC emulator. At this point all win9x and NT4 workstations will ONLY authenticate to that server.

      Therefore,when your main server is down, you will need to do several things. (How long will the server be down? 30 minutes, 8 hours, 7 days? How long?) If it is only a short time, then you should not need to do anything. First make certain that all workstations have authenticated before you ‘down’ the main server. If the server will be down more than a single day, you will need to use one of the other 2000 domain controllers, and promote it to the PDC Emulator. IF you know what you are doing, it is fairly easy. Then you will need to shut down each workstation for a few minutes and bring them back on line and they will find the new PDC emulator.

      In a 2000 domain environment, there is ONLY one PDC emulator and ALL down-level clients will only authenticate to that server. If the clients are windows 2000 pro or XP, they will not have any problems.

      Hope this helps. Best of luck.

      Michael R.

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      by sunjay_singh ·

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