additional monitor to use as extended desktop

By maggielou43 ·
Hi, PC HP Compaq running win 7. The PC does not have a DVI Port or HDMI only VGA. It has intergrated intel G41 chip graphics. I used a vga splitter cable to run 2 monitors but they just mirrored. I could not even set separate resolutions. Windows did not detect the 2nd monitor .I downloaded the 2nd monitor's drivers from the original hp disk but still no joy.
can I do anymore to enable running the 2nd monitor as an extended desktop, or is this not possible because of the graphics and/or no DVI or because the main 22" monitor is actually a television. Running it as just a mirror of the main monitor is pretty useless. Thanks

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Not possible

by cmiller5400 In reply to additional monitor to use ...

A VGA splitter is just that; it splits (mirrors) the signal to another monitor. You to buy a graphics card that supports dual monitors (has two connections) to enable the extended desktop. Once you install the new graphics card, the on-board video connection will be disabled.

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sounds like you have a

by Sue T In reply to additional monitor to use ...

desktop computer so don't you just add another video card to the computer?

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thanks guys.

by maggielou43 In reply to additional monitor to use ...

Thanks for your super fast responses. This is a super forum.

Will see about buying a video card that supports dual monitor
cheers m

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Reponse To Answer

by christopher.smith In reply to thanks guys.

you can also use a USB to VGA cable/device. I have used that solution in the past. Not as good as dual port video card, but a lot easier to install.

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Another Option

by info In reply to additional monitor to use ...

If you're not looking to do anything graphically intensive, you might be able to find an old PCI VGA card (make sure it's a later model with 1-4MB RAM) somewhere for a pittance, if someone isn't just throwing them away. This could be used to plug your second monitor into. If your computer has an AGP slot, installing a video card will override those built-in graphics. You SHOULD be able to get away with it if it has a PCIe slot, although most PCIe cards will have their own dual monitor support anyway...

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Another Option

That sounds like a good idea in theory. I've tried it with Windows 7 before and it was painful though. Drivers are a major issue. I used a really standard card that had it's driver built-in to XP. I either couldn't find a Vista/Win7 driver, or it wouldn't work (can't remember which one... this was a year or two ago). I spent an hour or more trying to get it going without success. I'd say the OP has less experience in this area than me. Another problem is that Aero uses the video card for rendering in Win7 - an old PCI card isn't likely to be up to this.

In my opinion it just isn't worth going down this track. A new dual-head video card will cost about $30. It'll be a plug and go solution, and will come with a driver CD in the box that the OP can just plug in and hit Go.

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thank you

by maggielou43 In reply to additional monitor to use ...

Hi Thanks, everyone, for all your help and support. Found a dual graphics card on Ebay with the dual cables for £13 gbp. I havent ordered yet as i want to get back to you with the details and perhaps you can advise, before I pay the man. It also needs to be compatible with Linux Ubuntu so have to check that out as well. Thanks again

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ok dual graphic card.

by maggielou43 In reply to additional monitor to use ...

Found this:
Full Height NVS290 PCI-E x16 Quadro 256MB Video Graphics Card +Dual VGA Cable HP
Dont really understand it: there appears to be a split cable to attach a vga cable to each monitor but still only one connection going into the pc tower????

The seller has been very nice and has assured me that it is the correct item for the job.
What do you think please thanks

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to ok dual graphic card.

That'll do the job. The one connector on the video card is a proprietary one that HP make. You can't plug a monitor directly into it - it splits out into a pair of VGA connectors. That cable looks very much like this -

He is correct that this will do the job. Your computer will recognise the two different monitors you plug in, and will let you extend on to the second screen. Provided you're happy using VGA for both monitors that card is a suitable choice.

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All sorted thanks to all of you.

by maggielou43 In reply to additional monitor to use ...

Thanks for the link GE. Yep it looks just like that so will order today.

Everyone's help is very much appreciated. thank you

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