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By anevilled ·
I have been using 256 RAM on my Windows XP. I changed to a 512. Can I use both 256 and the new 512 together? What benefit will I have? They are both Kingston -

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As long as...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Additional RAM

As long as the system supports 768 MB, and the memory is of the same speed, latency etc. it should work fine. Although I have seen in some cases where it wouldn't. So try it and if it doesn't then you know!

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by 45GEEK In reply to Additional RAM

Yes if they are the same speed, latencey doesn't seem to matter too much unless they are really different and you use the equipment for gaming. Just place the larger/faster amount of ram in the slot closest to the cpu. As you didn't say what kind of computer you have, some dells and acers have the uncanny problem of seeing the other bank of memory as having only as much as the first if the smaller of the two mismatched capacity is placed in the first slot (the slot closest to the cpu) if this is a notebook the first slot will be marked with a "0 (zero)" or a "A".

Good luck

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More ram

by AK233 In reply to Additional RAM

Yeah! of course it will work. You will obviously need to match the speeds of the ram chips and also make sure that they don't add up to more than the operating system can take, which in XP is like 4GB. The benefits will be that your computer will run slightly faster, even if you don't notice it will, and will also allow you to run more applications simultaneously be it a million programs on your taskbar or a million tabs on your browser. You will also see that games will run faster. Its definately worth the upgrade, and if anything doesnt work the computer will eventually tell you by usually not booting correctly, which has happened to me. but as long as you remember you recently put in some more ram, just take it out instead of taking your whole computer apart.

Take care.

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thats what i did

by straightp In reply to Additional RAM

It wont be as efficient as pairing them but its still available RAM. My machine runs fine.

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