Addons problem

By vinay.hegde123 ·
Hi All

I have on e doubt.It is possible to copy and paste the .dll files in the C:\windows\DownloadedProgram file.If we copy then what will happen


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Yes it is possible to copy & you copy the DLL's that is all. <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Addons problem
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Addone problem

by vinay.hegde123 In reply to Yes it is possible to cop ...

I tried this but my problem is for perticular site some addons not downloading so i tried to copy that addons dll from another computer(both m/c running windows XPSP2).but it is not we can made it to download the addons
Bellow is the list of addons
1.Pivotal e power lifecycleengine (version
2.Pivotal e-power lifecycleengine (version
5.7)Instantiator (rdaobjcreate.dll
3.Pivotal epower lifecycle engine(version5.7)


these addons has to download automatically when you connect to the site(it is happening in the other computer andin all the computer automatic windows update is enabled )But is not happening what may be the problem and
how to rectify it please revert back if anybody knows--vinay

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WHAT site ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Addone problem

Knowing the name of the site would help!

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Addons problem

by vinay.hegde123 In reply to WHAT site ? ...

It is one of the application SITE which works which will opens when we connect to our VPN(Pivotal site).But it is not downloading the addons needed.So what can we do to download the addons.It will display only in the IE.We upgraded the IE to 7 still it will not displaying.It says the page cannot be displayed.And one more thing is it is displaying in another machine.Is it possible to tranfer or down load the addons
from another systems or from the net or how to make IE to down load forcefully--vinay

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You could always try FireFox to download with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Addons problem
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Any WHY do you want to download Spyware ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Addone problem

Try typing the DLL names into Google.

They're coming up like a RASH with links to Anti-Spyware sites, all related to helping you REMOVE them!!

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