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    by voldar ·

    Hi there, I don’t know if I am the only one that has this problem while surfing the site, but …
    From time to time, almost every 15 min, I receive a Security Warning, that specifies the following:
    The current Web page is trying to open a site in your trusted sistes lists. Do you want to allow this?
    Trusted site:
    Current site: ad_doubleclick_net
    (I changed the . to _ so that nobody by mistake click on the “current site” :D)
    What is odd, is the fact that this Security Warning only shows everytime I am surfing Techrepublic site, although I have some other trusted sites in my list. I checked my computer with everything (addaware, spybot, mcaffee etc.), nothing have been found.
    Is it me, or … ?!?

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      Browser Type?

      by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

      In reply to issue

      That doesn’t look like an IE error.

      • #3292602

        error type

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Browser Type?

        I don’t think that error originated in any browser. It looks like something you’d get from a software firewall, like ZoneAlarm (decent application) or Norton Firewall (heinous pile of steaming hijackware). In fact, judging by the way the OP mentioned the error and the phrasing, I’d guess that it came from the Windows XP SP2 Personal Firewall.

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          so how do you?

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to error type

          So does anyone know how to turn this off? I know it does have something to do in the firewall section but I cant figure out how to make it stop ..I get this popping up ALOT almost every other site I go to and sometimes 3-4 times on 1 site ..any suggestions on how to shut this up? i’ve turned off the firewall completely and that did nothing ..

        • #3241038

          hmm . . .

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to so how do you?

          Off the top of my head, I’m really not sure. I don’t often have a Windows machine in front of me these days, so it’s not easy for me to just start opening windows and check, either. I had a Windows workstation running more often back when this discussion was fresh, but now I use Linux basically exclusively. The requirements of the job have changed.

          Ask around, I guess.

          By the way . . . have you checked into changing the security settings in Internet Explorer itself, just in case? Try setting that horrible slider-thing to the lowest security setting, and/or set it back to default, then see if that changes things. If it does, you’ll need to tailor your security settings to give you the precise behavior you want, a little at a time.

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      Yeah, I see it flash below

      by house ·

      In reply to issue

      You have yourself a bad cookie. I don’t even care anymore about spyware. Send me your crap. Infect my machine. Gimme all you got. It just keeps me on top of regular maintenance.

      It’s like the sulfur in this city. Whatcha gonna do?…don’t you dare say “try firefox”.

      • #3241984

        FireFox Blows!

        by madcow9597 ·

        In reply to Yeah, I see it flash below

        I’ve used every web browser out there and IE still comes in #1 for me. These new browsers claiming better security is a bunch of BS. Cause once people who create spyware create it for firefox/mozilla your not so secure anymore. At least I hardly ever get spyware on my Machine with IE. If I do I have the utilities to rid me of it.
        So for overall functionality use IE. Just use tools to detect and remove spyware and stay up to date. The world of install and forget about it is in the past. Stay up to date with your software and you’ll be fine.

        • #3239969

          same old story

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to FireFox Blows!

          Every now and then, someone jumps up and down and starts yelling “Just you wait ’til (insert application here) is more popular! It’ll be less secure then, too!” There are three distinct problems with that:

          1. Security through obscurity doesn’t work. Firefox is quite popular enough to be a target. In fact, it is a target. It’s still not as vulnerable, in large part because of reasons to follow in number two.

          2. You obviously don’t know (or maybe care) about issues of software architecture. The very design of the browser and its (lack of) intimate integration with the OS guarantees that Firefox will not be as bit a security threat as IE. It is simply impossible for Firefox to provide the same level of threat for exploits because it isn’t so deeply and broadly integrated with the OS and software that runs on it.

          3. Because it’s open source software, part of the security of Firefox is actually its popularity. The “many eyes” principle of security patching guarantees that the more popular it is, the more developers there will be protecting it, and the more secure it becomes. Far from being LESS secure, Firefox will be MORE secure as it becomes more popular because of quick response times on vulnerabilities and bugs. Firefox vulnerabilities get fixed within hours or days, and meanwhile, Microsoft routinely lets vulnerabilities languish for six months or more before addressing them.

    • #3294014

      See the ad???

      by house ·

      In reply to issue

      I retract my cookie statement.

      Turn on your status bar.

      See the ad banner load on top right after the link you quoted?

      Somebody has to pay for this site.

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