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Dear Sirs or Madam:
I am attempting to work with my Hover Webmail address book.
1. Attempting to move my OE6 mail and address book installed on my XP PC DESKTOP into Hover Web mail.
2. DESKTOP 'not' currently online...let my internet security protection expire in order to reformat hard drive and then use a different internet security protection.
3. My VISTA LAPTOP 'does not' have Microsoft Windows Mail and Address Book set up on it.
4. Would like to export the correct Microsoft OE6 address book address file from my DESKTOP to a removable flash drive and then move that file/flash drive to my LAPTOP.
5. When I go thru the OE6 Export address book procedure the address book is saved in an Excel file on my Desktop desktop screen,
6. I then move that file to my flash drive and then save it to my desktop of my LAPTOP.
7. When I go to Hover Web Mail and attempt the import of this address book (from my LAPTOP) and I get an error message that this cannot be accomplished.
8. I did call your tech support and was told that the OE6 address book and the saved exported OE6 address book Excel file had to be on the SAME machine in which I was using internet to upload the address book to Hover Web Mail.
9. I thought there might be a work around so as I can just move the address book file from one computer to another and then upload the address book from the latter computer to Hover Web Mail.
10. I do hope this might be possible.

Thanks for your consideration and assistance,

Earl Brant

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