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    Address book file


    by cruffin ·

    Is there a particular file, similar to the .wab file in older versions of windows, in Windows XP? A group of salespeople here just got pc’s, and would like to share contacts without having to key in each one individually.
    Thank you.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      XP has an Address Book that uses the [b].WAB[/b] file format. you’ll find it by clicking on start, show all programs, accessories and then Address Book.

      If you have an existing .WAB File you can import it in here by using the Import Option under File, Import and follow the prompts.


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      by zlitocook ·

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      They can also in out look insert the contact list as an attachment and send it to each other. Then drag the contact list to theirs, dont open it just drag the icon in the email And instead of inserting file have them do item and it will let you choose any thing from your outlook.

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      by jon ·

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      A simple server (beefed up workstation) and roughly $800.00 for Exchange Server Standard will eliminate mickey mouse practices and move your organization into the 21st century…don’t mickey mouse. You’ll regret it down the line. Do it right.

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      by johalias ·

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      It may be a far cry, but to me the ideal solution would be to have an online contacts list (preferably calendar too) with east access by mobile (using syncML). One such service I know of is Works with anything from Nokia 6600 to Motorola RAZR, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. Easy to manage contacts and share em as well. Its free so worth trying. Though i just feel that they should come up with a SMB version of this to make things more convenient.

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