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Address Book Policy for departing employees

By pmills ·
Does anyone have an actual written policy on how to handle requests for a copy of address books or contact dbs from departing employees ? We have email and internet usage policies but nothing that covers address books, which of course can contain customer lists etc. How do you deal with that type of request ?


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Not specifically

by JamesRL In reply to Address Book Policy for d ...

But in general, information accumulated as part of the job, does not leave the company when the employee does.


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by jdmercha In reply to Not specifically

This could come under the part of a general computer policy that states that all information stored on company computers is the property of the company.

And an employee is not allowed to leave with company property.

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Here's something else to consider...

by pmills In reply to Not specifically

With the introduction of the new privacey legislation in Canada... Just how much would a company be allowed to let a departing employee take with them anyway ? My gut feeling is that if a company doesn't have a a written policy they probably need one. We are now in the midst of developing one.


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If it's on Company property (Edited)

by dafe2 In reply to Address Book Policy for d ...

This was the same statement as JD Merchant (sorry)

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Not quite that simple

by amcol In reply to Address Book Policy for d ...

Some companies hold that contact information is company property and departing employees are as entitled to it as they are to taking their PC's with them. Others take the position that relationships are personal and not subject to physical property restrictions.

The real issue is that it's no longer a simple matter of just picking up your rolodex on the way out the door.

My own feeling is that no departing employee should be assisted in retrieving his/her personal contact file, but no one should be stopped on the way out the door and told to surrender it either.

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Departing employee policy

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Address Book Policy for d ...

This would be a good thing to add to your policy. Is there any reason you should give company proprietary information to departing employees? If this would/could harm your company, the answer should be "No." What about a no-compete policy?

Craig Herberg

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No compete much bigger can of worms

by JamesRL In reply to Departing employee policy

There are a lot of legal implications to a no-competition policy. That requires the services of a labor lawyer who knows the implications of your locations laws in particular. A labor lawyer once told me that most non-competition clauses would not stand a court challenge - you cannot sign away your right to make a living, and an employer cannot bind you to such an extent that you will starve. What they can do is try to ensure that you don't accept a job from a customer or partner while you are still employed by them, or that you use information you've learned on the job against them - though even then its hard to enforce.


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