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Address large-scale disasters with the BCP trinity

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Does your business continuity plan (BCP) make special allowances for large-scale disasters? Have you ever had to run a recovery effort in the wake of a major disaster? Have you included the complete BCP trinity--facilities management, human resources, and IT--in your disaster preparations? Share your comments about the role and value of the so-called BCP trinity, as described in the Oct. 5 edition of our Disaster Recovery newsletter.

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Survivin Ivan

by robinsonky In reply to Address large-scale disas ...

(From teh Cayman Islands) After Ivan, our recovery internal effort went smoothly, thanks to extra caution in our run up to the storm ("take all the antennas down" "but nobody else is..."). We had a couple of total loss buildings and some flood damage but so far only lost a few machines.
However the effects of the storm on 3rd parties has been a severe ****. The power company took over a week to provide power, even though we are surrounded by banks and government buildings, mostly because the power grid downtown is convoluted beyond belief. Moral: A generator can pay for itself.
A couple of major IT suppliers were severely damaged; they can't track our pre-storm orders because they evacuated the personnel, and their filing is floating in the Caribbean. Likewise they can't help me re-equip where I have damage because they have to sort themselves out too. Moral: Distribute your lines of supply. Have an open account with a major as well, CDW have been quick and knowledgable, and our replacement bits are coming in.

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