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Did any one work on AddressDoctor. please let me know that whether the AddressDoctor support all character set(unicode double byte compatibility) and in which format returns the result (like for ex: PDF,excel,CSV...)? if you know about that any one please give me.

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Check this link and remove

by Jacky Howe In reply to AddressDoctor

your e-mail address unless you want SPAM. Go to your Profile and allow PM.

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by shabana26 In reply to Check this link and remov ...

Thanks for your reply. but y only in Excel format. CSV is more better than Excel. then y should AddressDoctor is not using CSV?

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It doesn't

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks..

look like it saves to that format without the help of M$.

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About Encoding Characters

by shabana26 In reply to It doesn't

then what about encoding characters in Address Doctor. In all websites seems to like it will support all character set but in practical polish character and some other characters are not supported to AddressDoctor. if you know the solution please let me know. it is very urgent.

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If you use Excel you can save it as CSV

by Jacky Howe In reply to About Encoding Characters

Q: Which charater sets does AddressDoctor support?

A: AddressDoctor supports the following character sets:

UTF-32 Big Endian Unicode
UTF-32 Little Endian Unicode
UTF-16 Big Endian Unicode
UTF-16 Little Endian Unicode
UTF-8 Unicode
UCS-4 Big Endian Unicode
UCS-4 Little Endian Unicode
UCS-2 Big Endian Unicode
UCS-2 Little Endian Unicode
ISO 8859-1 (Latin_1 - Western Europe)
ISO 8859-2 (Latin_2 - Eastern Europe)
ISO 8859-3 (Latin_3 - Southeastern Europe)
ISO 8859-4 (Latin_4 - Scandinavia/Baltic)
ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic - Russia, Ukraine)
ISO 8859-6 (Arabic)
ISO 8859-7 (Greek)
ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew)
ISO 8859-9 (Latin_5 - Turkey)
ISO 8859-10 (Latin_6 - Nordic)
ISO 8859-15
IBM 437 (US)
IBM 850 (Multilingual Latin I)
IBM 851 (Latin II)
IBM 855 (Cyrillic)
IBM 857 (Turkish)
IBM 862 (Hebrew)
WIN 1250 (Central Europe - Windows code page)
WIN 1251 (Cyrillic - Windows code page)
WIN 1252 (Latin I - Windows code page)
WIN 1253 (Greek - Windows code page)
WIN 1254 (Turkish - Windows code page)
WIN 1255 (Hebrew - Windows code page)
WIN 1256 (Arabic - Windows code page)
WIN 1257 (Baltic - Windows code page)
Big5 (Traditional Chinese)
Shift-JIS (Japanese)
GBK (Simplified Chinese)
UHC (Korean Unified Hangul)
EBCDIC (IBM standard 037)

Q: Which alphabets does AddressDoctor support?

A: AddressDoctor supports the following alphabets:

Transliteration of various Latin code page characters ISO 8859-X to Latin (Eastern and Northern European alphabets)
Greek (BGN/PCGN 1962, ISO 843 ? 1997)
Cyrillic (BGN/PCGN 1947, ISO 9 ? 1995)
Japanese Kana and Kanji
Chinese Pinyin for Mandarin and Cantonese
Korean Hangul

Q: Is the province information returned by AddressDoctor using the ISO standard?

A: Province information (defined as State, Kanton, Prefecture, Province, Bundesland or County depending on the country) is returned as typically used by the postal operator in the respective country. In most cases postal administrations define a complete list of abbreviations to be used for addressing.

Q: I receive bad results when validating my addresses. What can be the reason for this?

A: Unfortunately, it may happen that the result of address cleaning is not satisfactory. The five most common reasons for this are

Incorrect Field assignment
Input data is missing too much information
Necessary fields have not been assigned
Too many unnecessary fields have been assigned
Corrupt input data

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Unicode Charcater Set

by shabana26 In reply to If you use Excel you can ...

Thanks for giving reply.. i know that questions what you send it to me. but in practical polish and some other character sets are supportinging in Address Doctor. for that what is the solution?

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Maybe you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Unicode Charcater Set

should get in touch with them as I am sure that if you have access to their product you should have access to their support.

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