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By samthetrue ·
i need access to a adminastrator acount to disable the program that manages the wireless network and to enable windows to use its own wireless manager... dell laptop model inspiron XP...
what needs to be done:
get admin access
on the 3 other computers that needed this done (dell demensions 3000 all three)and that it worked on i had admin access... but the owner of the computer is not accessable and the internet wont work without this done...
the safe mode admin acount i dont have the password and there is no admin acount besides that... only a limited access acount
so my question:
A) does the solution mentioned above actualy work and
B) how would i get it to work without admin access (or alternitivly how would i be able to temperaraly disable the password... i dont want to permanantly disable it because i dont know it to put it back on and it needs to be password protected and i cant talk to the owner to tell them a new password or this whole thing wouldnt be a problem)
i can probably leave a sticky note with the new password or email it or something if the password can be removed... but i would rather avoid that whole problem if possable

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by cmiller5400 In reply to admin

if you do not have an admin password you can google on how to remove the password. But, you can not set it back to the way it was because the tools overwrite the current password on the account.

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by samthetrue In reply to

we got the password from the person who had it... only took a month

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by samthetrue In reply to admin

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