Admin accnt is now visibible after cleanup, how do I hide it again?

By MorrisNTex ·
I just finished cleaning up a Vista Pro system that had been badly infected.
When I got it all user accounts were locked and inaccessible, I used a password reset utility to clear unknown passwords and unlock the accounts. Initial scan with Malwarebytes found 997 items of concern. Original owner had been using frostwire music sharing service with Windows Defender as the only anti-virus protection. Every mp3 and vid. they had downloaded had a virus embedded in it and all but about 3 files (these were plain txt files) in the frostwire program directory had viruses embedded in them. Anyway it took a little while but I finally got this computer clean.
When I unlocked the administrator account it became visible on the Windows welcome/log-in screen in normal boot up mode. I would like to make it hidden again and so would the new owner. How would I do that?

I thought about renaming the account putting a "$" at the front of "administrator", but am not sure that would work. Or is there a registry hack or some setting somewhere I'm missing?

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Vista Pro? Group Policy, then.

by seanferd In reply to Admin accnt is now visibi ...

Use secpol.msc (Local Security Policy) - those type of settings are in there.

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Disable the Administrator account as follows:

by tintoman In reply to Admin accnt is now visibi ...

Click "Start"
Right Click "Computer"
Click "Manage"
Expand "Local users and groups"
Double click "Administrator"
Tick the box "account is disabled"

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Found what I was looking for...

by MorrisNTex In reply to Admin accnt is now visibi ...

I wasn't wanting to "disable" the admin account, just hide it like it was originally before the infection, but thanks for that suggestion.
I guess I don't know how to start the management console in Vista?!?!
So I tried several different search queries on technet and came up with this one
This provided me with info that worked.
(not real fond of using technet because it you don't word your query just right you'll never find what you're looking for or take a long time finding it! It has gotten better in recent years though.)
Another thing I found a bit weird about this computer, the welcome screen says Vista home premium, but if you go to computer properties it says Vista Professional?!?! So which is it?

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