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Admin Account to Power User

By mlibanio ·
Hello everyone,
I am totally confounded. I have about 10 users who have had local administrator rights to their computers with XP Pro. These Administrator rights bypass the ADS Power User rights I have given them. I have added necessary Power User level rights to their ADS accounts.
When I remove the local Administrator rights on their computer, none of the programs work properly. Programs don't start up at all in the taskbar. McAfee does not startup. All Microsoft Office applications behave like its the first time starting up and macro's will not execute.

However, when I use that users user id and password on someone's else's computer, everything works fine. The necessary restrictions appropriate to a power user work just fine. Their files show up and everything starts up normally.

How can I get the users profile to startup on their own computer in the same way as when I user their userid to logon from someone's else's computer? Why is this happening?

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Users group

by Twors88 In reply to Admin Account to Power Us ...

Are they a member of the users group on the local pc? Since you took them out of the admin, maybe they are not users at all on the local machine.

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Admin to Power User

by mlibanio In reply to Users group

Hi, thanks for answering.
Yes, regardless of whether I put them as User, Power User or anything else other than Administrator, there is no change. The restrictions are similar to a Guest Account. I have spent weeks trying to figure this out. Not sure what I am missing! Even corporate IT has no clue!

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by fixitsteve In reply to Admin to Power User

Unfortunately, we have had a project going with removing local admin rights to over 3000 PCs and have run into this many times. Many applications that are poorly written, leverage admin rights to install in locations that are only accessible by admin rights (unless you can find all .dll files, etc and where they are and grant rights). Sometimes, re-installation of the application is necessary to resolve this issue. We currently have about 200 remaining due to this problem and the time it takes to resolve. Beyond Trust Privileged Manager can analyze your system and tell you how to accomplish this. There is a free version as well...

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