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    Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000


    by randomguy ·

    Well im trying to install Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 and it say that i need to be logged into a Administrator account .. Problem is im already on my Admin account (im assuming anyway).

    So could anyone post a step process on how to make one or how to fix the problem I have.

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      Check your privileges

      by ldyosng ·

      In reply to Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

      Are you on a network, or stand-along machine? If stand alone, go to Users in the Control Panel and check your privileges. Make sure you are an administrator there. If on a network, go to the Active Directory and look at your priveleges there. Make sure you have defined the logon you are using as an administrator logon. Also, when checking privileges, take a look at ownership via the “advanced” button. Once you get that taken care of, the install should be just fine.

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        How to …

        by randomguy ·

        In reply to Check your privileges

        I run a stand-alone machine. What do you mean define the logon as a Admin logon, ownership and is privileges the first windows that comes up when I click Users & Passwords

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          Here’s the step-by-step

          by ldyosng ·

          In reply to How to …

          Start>Settings>Control Panel>Users and Passwords>
          Double click to see a list of defined users and their permissions. The logon you are using should be listed as being in the Administrators group. Is the logon you’re using the only one on the machine? If you need to add a user or change the permission, go to the Advanced tab and click on the Advanced button. This will take you to the screen where you can add users or change their permissions. To add a user, use the dropdown under Action. To change permission on an existing user, right click on the user and look at properties. Go to Member Of, and make sure the group is Administrators. Use the Add button at the bottom of that page if you need to add the Administrators group.
          Let me know how it goes.

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          Reply To: Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

          by randomguy ·

          In reply to Here’s the step-by-step

          Hmm .. Yes it has all that still doesn’t work ..

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        Had similar problem

        by comp1systems ·

        In reply to Check your privileges

        I had a similar problem months ago networking to a printer
        at a different location. I had to do excactly as Ldyosng

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          Had a similar problem, too…

          by firedrake ·

          In reply to Had similar problem

          I had a problem similar to this, too, on a machine I was still in the process of setting up and configuring for the end-user. The Administrator account was the only one on the machine at the time, and the profile got corrupted. I had to re-image the machine and start over. 8>(

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      Workgroup or domain?

      by geobeck ·

      In reply to Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

      If you’re on a domain, is there a group policy that restricts performing certain updates to a certain admin account, for example an Enterprise admin?

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        He says he’s on a stand-alone

        by ldyosng ·

        In reply to Workgroup or domain?

        Workgroups and Enterprise restrictions shouldn’t be an issue. I’d like to VPN in to see exactly what’s he’s dealing with. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but there’s no telling what I don’t know about his setup.

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      I’ve had similar problems,…

      by what the …! ·

      In reply to Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

      I’ve been able to get around them by avoiding the GUI. Do a “runas” from the Start/Run dialogue box and use the admin account to open a CL window. Go to the directory where you stashed the SP and run it from there.

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      Reply To: Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

      by ireneb ·

      In reply to Admin doesn’t work on Windows 2000

      I don’t think you have access to the registry key.
      To rest local admin password, try this in Dos prompt

      net user administrator password
      You should get Command Completed Sucessfully. Log off and logon using Administrator and make changes on registry key.

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