Admin password reset at system restart

By sankar_tsn ·
I am working in a Corporate. We have been given individual User access to our Computer and connected to a Common Domain. We use Windows XP as operating system. If I change the password of the admin user account, it gets changed after restart. Now, I used to hibernate my PC instead of shutting down to avoid change of admin password during restart. Kindly suggest is there any other option available to avoid resetting admin password in Domain.

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talk to your IT department

by netwrk_admn In reply to Admin password reset at s ...

You know, the guys who run your network at a corporate.

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If you already have

by IC-IT In reply to Admin password reset at s ...

administrator level access (which you need to change the password, unless you are doing so unauthorized) why do you even need to change the password?

Likely it is being changed by a GPO or you have a Deep Freeze type program on the system.

As was already mentioned talk to your administrator.

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Need more info

by mr_t_wright In reply to Admin password reset at s ...

I am a lil confused. If you are logging onto a Domain with your user account then you shouldn't be allow to change the password. Are you sure you are logging onto the domain and not the local machine? And, depending on your account type you can change the power options so that the system never hibernates nor shuts down.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Admin password reset at s ...

As they all said, why do you need to change the password, if you already an admin on your computer???!!!

Talk to the admin in your IT department, but make sure that he don't havea gun in his office

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why can't he

by .Martin. In reply to Why?!

have a gun. that what make negotiating stuff fun

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why don't you try

by .Martin. In reply to Admin password reset at s ...

talking to the admins of the domain.

they will have some program installed so you can't change the password

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