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Admin retrictions

By wal ·
i started the pC (running XP) up and got 'chess piece' instead of my graphic for my user account. When i clicked on it as my account i now get retricted access. 90% of my programs have disappeared from the start 'all programs' menu and administrative tools are empty.if i go to 'all programs/accessories/sytem tools, i just see 'internet explorer (with no add ons)' , so no system restore. its like i am running a guest account, but actually i am the administrator. It also ran very very slowly, taking 20 mins per instruction. running chkdsk cleared this up though. no difference in safe mode . ....any ideas?

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no help then???

by wal In reply to Admin retrictions

can anyone shed some light on this?

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Need more time...

by MechanicalPC In reply to Admin retrictions

Trying to figure out what you did will take some time...

Off the top of my head...looks like your account got corrupted...maybe..

Did you change/add anything before this happened?

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sadly, no

by wal In reply to Need more time...

sorry i wasn't trying to be flippant with that comment?...more a cry for help i guess. No, it just happened when i turned the PC on one morning

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Try posting in Questions

by IC-IT In reply to Admin retrictions
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by wal In reply to Try posting in Questions

ok thanks,

I will

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