Admin rights in Server 2003 Domain

By Twistedpear ·
I have multiple users with local AND domain admin rights on their machines, that when logged into the domain, do not have admin rights to make changes such as adding fonts, etc. When they log into the local computer, they DO have admin rights. I have even granted them every admin right possible to the domain, and still they cannot make changes to the local computer. Strangely enough... there are some domain users that are unaffected. Ive tried unjoining/joining the domain etc etc... no luck.
Running AD on Win2003 Svr / WinXP Clinets.
Any thoughts ?


Twisted Pear Systems, LLC

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try this

by Nimmo In reply to Admin rights in Server 20 ...

First up I'd remove the domain admin rights there is no need for a user to have these rights.

Open computer management on the users PC and select users/groups, take a look under the admin group and see if they are listed.

Also do you have any login scripts and or group policies been applied.

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Ill give this a shot...

by Twistedpear In reply to try this

Thanks.. I'll give this a shot this AM.
No login scripts or group policies at this time. Relatively new domain.

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No dice..

by Twistedpear In reply to try this

Affected users are listed in the admin group (while ogged in locally AND while logged into domain)


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Fixed !

by Twistedpear In reply to try this

Got it... was my mistake.
domain user was never added to admin group. Only local user.

Thanks !


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