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Admin user no longer on XP welcome screen

By bcarroll7 ·
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I have looked at other posts on this, but I am stuck. I tried to install Marimba on my PC yesterday, and it failed. Apparently in the process, it created a new Admin account on my PC, HDS Admin. My regular user account (called Admin, I think) is now gone from the Welcome screen.

Here is what I have tried:
- I reset the password for HDS Admin to be blank and can get in, but it appears to be configuring that user. Useless - I need my old user (and folders/files!) (FYI, I did the password reset via a Windows Offline Registry Editor suggested by TechRepublic.)

- I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL twice to access the screen where I can type in the user name and password. I have typed in ADMIN, Admin, admin - along with my password - all to no avail. It tells me it can't log me on.

Any ideas how to get into the account?

Thanks for any and all suggestions. :)

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Check computer manager

by 1bn0 In reply to Admin user no longer on X ...

start | run

System Tools

Local Users and Groups

If the account is not there it is gone. It may be there but disabled. Disabled accounts don't appear on the Welcome screen.

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Need a little more direction

by bcarroll7 In reply to Check computer manager

Thanks for your quick response! However, I can't get to Start. The HDS Admin account never gets me to a desktop; it sits there trying to "setting up personalized settings for Internet Explorer" on some Toshiba welcome screen.

Any suggestions on how to get there?

Thanks for any ideas; I am really bummed out here.

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by bcarroll7 In reply to Need a little more direct ...

I was able to get to ComputerManagement by hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL and opening it via Task Manager. However, there isn't an option for users under System Tools. The only options are Event Viewer, Shared Folders, Performance Logs and Alerts, and Device Manager.

This account seems to be one that was created just to do program/system set-up by the Marimba program (or IT help desk). There is not any kind of task bar; only a blank background (with PC manufacturer wallpaper).

As for the administrator account, I understand that is the default admin account. How do I log into it?


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No Users and groups means XPHome. Go to Safe Mode.

by 1bn0 In reply to Progress?

Boot to safe mode.

Then login as administrator. It should appear on the welcome screen for XPHome Safe Mode.

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As Kenone as already stated.

by 1bn0 In reply to Need a little more direct ...

Try administrator.

Every windows machine has an administrator account.

On XPHome this account is ONLY available in Safe Mode.

Try administrator in safe mode any way.

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by bcarroll7 In reply to As Kenone as already stat ...

Thanks - I added my reply into Kenone's post. I have XP Media Center as my PC. Safe mode sounds like a good plan. HOw do I get to it, and how do I determine the password? Please see my reply for the other questions (like how do I find my previous account and access it).

Thank you for all of your help (both you and Kenone)!!! I don't feel so alone in this...

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When the boot logo is displayed, Press F8 on the keyboard.

by 1bn0 In reply to Password?

A menu will appear. Use the cursor keys to select safe mode.

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by bcarroll7 In reply to When the boot logo is dis ...

I will give it a try! Back later; need to get some other work done now.

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The default account name is

by Kenone In reply to Admin user no longer on X ...
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Password for administrator?

by bcarroll7 In reply to The default account name ...

Thank you for your response. I realize the default is administrator (I had just set up my own account as Admin - my kids have access to my PC, and I wanted to protect it from them!). I just don't know how to get into that account. Plus, once I get in, I am not sure what to do in order to re-enable or re-access my other account.



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