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Admin with a criminal background

By sidvail ·
I am the Network Admin for a local Electronic Supply company in Alaska. I have both the A+ and Network+ certifications along with a CNSE from Fluke Networks, trained in their network analyzers. My network is only 24 stations with an NT4.0 Server. I took this job over about 4 years ago, along with other duties in the company. I really like computers and networking. I do not however, have much experience with other NOS' other than NT4.0. And having moved into this job gradually, I learned it through problem solving as they occured. The certs followed.

I would like to make this my vocation, and pick up some more certs - namely MCSE. My problem though is that I have a criminal background. That has not been an issue where I work now - as I moved into the job slowly, proving my competence and reliability a piece at a time.

My question is this: With my criminal background (homicide - spent 19 years in prison)will I be hired? If I obtained more certs, and pursued Networking as an occupation, would I be taken seriously? I don't see myself moving into a head position at IBM or Exxon - but I do wonder how badly my past will hurt my chances of working in the IT field.

Any and all comments and advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It can be done

by gralfus In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

Anything you can do to show a change in your life will help. Mostly people are concerned about repeated offences, and especially in law enforcement. If you can show that you are pursuing a professional course (study, certs, training, schooling) and have a steady job history since you got out, that will go a long way in helping your career.

That said, you are still competing with a lot of folks that have no criminal history. Some people will always take it into account regardless of what you have done afterwards. But you can't let the attitude of others stop you. Become as proficient as you can and you will find those who need your skills.

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It's about you now, not back when...

by simply-living In reply to It can be done

At the risk of sounding like some peace loving do gooder. I have to say "all things are possible through CHRIST who strengthens me." IBM and Exxon may be big, but God is bigger and if you turn to Him, there is always hope!

Make no mistake, I love Jesus, and I know HE is able, but I won't force him on you or anyone else for that matter.

Your past is just that, your past. Don't lie or wash over it lightly. If there are questions answer them. You've served your time and now you are looking to move on. It's about your skill and abilities now, not 19+ years ago.

Keep looking up, it will happen!

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Bravo to you

by rgriego2 In reply to It's about you now, not b ...

However, todays employer doesn't look at it that way. I personally have accepted Jesus into my heart, but that doesn't mean Corporate America has. They still think that what they find in the paperwork of a persons past and present make the person for the future. This is not true, what a person wants to be is what they will be. God does make a difference, at least he did for me and from what you have said, you too. So once again Bravo to you for saying so.

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Background Matter

by ThomasRWright In reply to Bravo to you

Guys - MOST companies of any size do extensive background checks on prospective employees. A murder rap will be easy to find, obviously, but that's not the point... the point is that corporations are being increasingly careful about who they employ. They want to avoid any potential lawsuit, and with workplace violence being what it is today, I would say that hiring a convicted murderer would be extremely unlikely - no way my company would do it & we have 60,000+ employess worldwide.

I had a guy on my team in the last couple of years who had problems with anxiety and depression - you wouldn't believe the scrutiny I've had to keep him under, to make sure he doesn't do anything that might bother the rest of the team...

There are plenty of applicants for just about every job, so competition is stiff. My advice to this guy would be to be glad for the job you have, and stick where you are. If you have good troubleshooting skills, then you could start to branch out by going out on your own gradually.

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It all in your attitude

by OfficeTrouble In reply to It's about you now, not b ...

I would have to say to go ahead everything in life is a risk but if you never take a chance you will never know what will happen. I work as an Operations Manager and I also do the IT/Networking for the company I work for. Just be honest, don?t hide anything yet don?t say anything unless asked and then still be honest. I have to tell you my past is not something I can be proud of but as it was said by someone else it?s not your past that they are looking at it is you today.

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Working for God?

I have to say "all things are possible through CHRIST who strengthens me." IBM and Exxon may be big, but God is bigger and if you turn to Him, there is always hope!
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

That comment points to a possible source of work - churches. While the pay probably sux, the work is good. They're in the business of forgiving folks - and you're looking for forgiving folks. They use cheap, outdated networks - you've got outdated skills. It sounds like a match.

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Working for God...

by Boyd In reply to Working for God?

Guess you haven't been around many Churches. They are not steeped in poverty, although they don't waste money like many corporations. Many have very new technology. You probably meant well, but I found your comment un-informed and condecending.

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Working for God

by gman529 In reply to Working for God...

Hey, I work at my local church on computers. We are very far in advanced that what u think we have just moved 90% of the computers to XP. Also we are running a school so we have lots of security to keep the kids safe on the internet. Also we're about to add a wireless wing to the school for our "portables". So as you can see churchs are actually a very good place to start trying to find a job and you get spiritual help while doing.

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Churches ARE in the cutting edge

by jasonmcc68 In reply to Working for God

Today if you plan to succeed as a mainstay church in your community, you have to stay up to date on technology. I am the IT Manager at a church with 50 computers including wireless technology and I can assure you the staff and the congregation expect me to be on top of things. Churches are a great source for anyone looking to further their career, knowledge and spiritual mind and body.

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Working for God is the best work

by Rich-Having. Fun. In reply to Working for God...

I have worked for my church for over a year now, and I can say churches are not poor. I will agree 100% with Boyd in his comments. Our church runs XP Pro, with a 2000 Advanced Server. Our Generation Pastor makes heavy use of Photoshop, and and After Effects. We also record every sermon, and stream it off our website. Every purchase I make for their technology needs has to be approved by three people. Churches realize when they buy something, they are better off buyiong good quality stuff. It simply lasts longer.
Churches dont pay well? HA! While I dont make much for a salary, the rewards of doing what God wants me to be doing far outweigh any compensation available. Try serving God sometime, instead of yourself. You might be surprised at what you reap.

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