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Is there a restriction placed on the number of user accounts set up as computer administrator on a computer? If so, what is the number? The computer is running XP Home. The computer is standalone.

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I have never...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Administrator

heard anyone say a limit. I am curious to find out at least what point poor performance may occur.

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No known limit

by Triathlete1981 In reply to I have never...

Although I don't see how it could affect performance. Yuo only have one user logged on at once. But, in the case where each user gets his own Docuemnts folders, if each user uploads gigs and gigs of photos and docuemnts, yes, performance would hinder.

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by wesley.chin In reply to I have never...

I had created an administrator account (3 if you count "Administrator". The computer seemed to freeze when logging into the newly created account. The desktop appeared to the be the same as in the other administrator account, minus the shortcuts on the desktop. After a while, I forced a restart and removed the newly created account. Still trying to figure out the reason for the freeze.

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Likely it was just a corrupt profile

by w2ktechman In reply to Administrator

and deleting it and re-adding it should work out fine.

However, it is best NOT to put all users as admin. Power users would work well, and regular users can get into less trouble. Keep an admin account for admin functions, but log in with a power user or user.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Likely it was just a corr ...

I have deleted the newly created account via user accounts. is there something further that needs to be done to fully delete it?

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Usually I just delete the account.

by The Scummy One In reply to Hm

then re-create it. Or, sometimes I just delete the ntuser.bat file for said account, same effect.
when you create a new account and log on, it should build the account from the ground up.

Oh, you may have remnants still under c:\documents and settings\%account name%
delete this folder as well, then purge the recycle bin.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Usually I just delete the ...

When I had created a new user account, there was already an existing Administrator account, in addition to the default Administrator account.

The new user account had been also set as a Administrator account. So there was a total of 3 accounts with administrator rights.

Through the User Accounts applet, I deleted the newly created account. So now I have a total of 2 accounts with administrator rights. Now when I click on the start menu link for the default Internet browser, the message Access Denied and that it has been renamed, removed or moved.

The new account has been deleted and does not appear under "c:\documents and settings".

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