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Administrator Account "Disappearing"

By SoHoHelpDesk ·
I have an XP Pro Box SP-2 with an Administrator Account and a User Account as well as a (Backup Administrator Account for Emerg Situations)

Recently I went into the users accounts on this PC to just change the login pictures, as Fast User Switching is enabled. While I was there I noticed that the Backup Admin account was not configured as either a Limited User or Administrator so I enabled it as an Administrator. The next day I started this computer up and noticed that only the Limited User account and Backup Administrator where the only accounts available, so I login and yes that is all that was there all traces of the Main Original Adiminstrator Account were gone. So I used the back up Admin Account to do a system restore to the day before this change, so all is well again. But then when I login to the Original Admin account and look at the users accounts the backup admin account is not configured as Admin or Limited User again. So I enabled it again as Admin and rebooted....As soon as the system rebooted, same situation the Original Admin account is gone. I did another System restore and left the Backup Admin account as a unconfigured account.

Why is this happening..??? I have never ran accross this before, has anybody else??

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by hyoi In reply to Administrator Account "Di ...

Ah, the joys of XP...

Where exactly are you looking at the user list?
In Control Panel\User Accounts or compmgmt.msc\Users and Groups\Users?

If you are looking in the first one XP will hide some of the accounts. If it isn't in the second, I'm not sure what to tell you. Every account that is on the computer should show up in the computer management console.


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by SoHoHelpDesk In reply to

The Original Admin Account was not on the logon page after the reboot so the only way to login was with Limited User or the Back Up Admin account that is only configured for Emerg. But it seems when ever I enable the account to be a Administrator Account the original Admin account is gone and is not located in your second selection. It is crazy, I have never seen this before, I have one other XP Pro SP-2 boxe with more then 1 admin account (my Kitchen Family PC) and do not have a problem. I have also enabled security just to see if I am being accessed by a mystery person, but nothing out of the ordinary in my security events!!! Wierd, wierd, wierd but like you say, Ah, the joys of XP...

I hope someone has had this issue before so if I run across it again I will know why! Thanks for your quick responce.

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by hyoi In reply to Administrator Account "Di ...

So what happens if you turn off fast user switching, and try to log on manually with the Administrator account after you change the Backup Admin account to Admin level?

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by SoHoHelpDesk In reply to

I am going to contact MS about this one a good friend of mine is still doing XP SP-2 support at one of their frontline call centre's for US english versions. Maybe their is a KB article on this one. But as soon as fastuser switching was turned off the problem is no longer a problem, this is my 4th login and both accounts are still Admin accounts and are both still enabled and visible.. :-) Thanks hyoi for your advice.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Administrator Account "Di ...

it's not a bug.
it's a feature.
boot into Safe mode to look for your admin account(s)
by design, if more than one account is created on the machine, admin account only appears on safe mode. so if you have an exact copy?

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by SoHoHelpDesk In reply to Administrator Account "Di ...

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