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    Administrator OS


    by jwerm ·

    Which OS would you consider using for administrating a mixed environment of 2k and XP clients on a Win 2003 server?

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      by charliespencer ·

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      This is an odd question. What are you trying to manage, the client computers or the network resources? Are you trying to manage them directly from the server or from a client desktop outside the server room?

      In any case, the operating system isn’t much of an issue. 2K, XP, or Server 03 will run the tools you need. Is your question what applications and tools would be best for this?

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      by mattit ·

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      I currently work with a system that includes 98,2000,and xp and some older systems than that. We were originally running a redhat 7 server, we just purchased a new server and installed Redhat’s Enterprise edition, using samba, and it works just fine.

      I dont know if I answered the question. Hoepfully…

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