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By navi_gupta6 ·
Hi Team,

actully, my administrator password get locked. i'm not able to open my laptop. is there any solution without using third party software.

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2nd editorial rewrite due to 2nd Thread by OP . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Administrator Password

I have access to a system that I would like to enter at command level. Unfortunately this system has an Administrator password that I am unaware of, due to it not being my personal system.

Furthermore, the system exists within an open work environment and if I were seen to be installing any program, my actions would raise suspicion from my fellow workers including my immediate superiors.

Do any of you nice people know of a short code that I could memorise, thereby input and run it while looking as if I were doing my normal job of work.

I await your criminal replies.

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ok, here

by Jaqui In reply to Administrator Password

you need to put in a numeric code over the phone, then a voice code

numeric: **1
voice: I want to illegally hack a secure computer system

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by Tig2 In reply to Administrator Password

If your computer resides on your employer's domain, please contact your System Administrator.

If you are using a home computer, please contact the manufacturer for assistance.

This is a technology forum for technology professionals. There is no one here who would knowingly assist with breaking a password.

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Link to cracking Admin password

by jdclyde In reply to Administrator Password

Not sure how long it will be before TR pulls this link, because they usually frown upon giving this kind of help to people in need.

Good luck with that.

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