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    Administrator Password Corrupted


    by salij44ij ·

    Its All about the installation procedure of windows SBS in the second session of it i installed isa and exchange when i restarted i cant login into my machine. i know clearly wat is the password i put, but i can’t log into it….

    wat may be the problem..if u have any idea about this crash plzzzzzzzz


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      by abubin ·

      In reply to Administrator Password Corrupted

      this may sound lame but have you tried CAPS?

      Another thing that you can try is to use domain admin to login. That is if your PC is connected to domain server. You can login as domain admin account and then reset the local administrator password once inside.

      If you machine is standalone, then you need to get a password retrieving software. There is actually one that comes as a linux bootup disk. But I forgot the name. Try searching in google.

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      Reply To: Administrator Password Corrupted

      by ninet4 ·

      In reply to Administrator Password Corrupted

      The linux boot up disk he was referring too works great. I have used it many times. Often to change the admin password on workstations that the users changed and then forgot.

      Here is the link, has details on making the disk and then running the program. Another thing you can try is using a little utility called NTFS4DOS, creating a boot disk, finding the SAM file, copy it to a floppy disk, and then crack it with l0pht crack, available at

      Here is the link to the linux boot disk, windows password changing tool.

      and here is the link for NTFSDOS

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