Administrator Rights in Vista

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Hello All,

I am installing a new Vista machine on a primarily XP network running Server2000. I am running into quite a problem trying to migrate the outlook expres.dbx files to the Vista machine running Outlook 2007. The main crux of the situation is when I try to open C:\Program DAta\Application Data I get the ACCESS DENIED message even though I the user account does have administrative privilages. Also, I logged in as the administrator and met with the same results. I am aware that the locations of most of the XP folders (like Appplication Data) have moved to their new ones (i.e. Application Data moved to Program Data) but I am still denied access. All the permissions seem to be in place as they have remained unchanged from the XP config. I am struggling to find a way in. Any help would, as always, be greatly appreciated.

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are you sure your using the administrator's account

by CG IT In reply to Administrator Rights in V ...

in Windows Vista?

the actual administrator's account in Vista is disabled by default. The user account you create during the initial install of Vista isn't an administrators account rather akin to a power users account.

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administrator account

by dandp In reply to are you sure your using t ...

Then how am I able to get FULL rights to a system and be able to access files and folders?

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