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    Administrators group – NT Server 4.0


    by chrisdancer ·

    When trying to do any modification in the Administrators group, the message “Group name could not be found” pops ups.

    It’s causing sync problems between PDC and BDC.

    Any trust relationships have been removed.

    Any suggestions ?

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      Reply To: Administrators group – NT Server 4.0

      by ninet4 ·

      In reply to Administrators group – NT Server 4.0

      Sounds bad. Here is something you could try to force a complete sync. Remove your BDC from the network by unplugging the network cable. With it disconnected, promote it to a PDC. As a PDC, connect it back to the network. Your original PDC will freak out and ghost itself. On your original PDC demote it to a BDC. This will force a sync, and you should get your groups back. From here, you can either leave them as is, or switch them back to their proper roles.

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