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Administrator's rights removed from Boss' folders

By edv ·
I'm the only SysAdmin in a privately owned company, supporting about 80 PCs and 8 Servers.
Last week my Boss, the solely owner of the company requested, that the administrative rights should be removed from his folders on the server.
I explained, that as I can remove the rights I can give them back - and that the backup software is using the Administrator's account and would not be able to backup his data. He insisted and I accomplished the task.
I just wonder, how this situation is handled in other companies?

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why argue?

by Jaqui In reply to Administrator's rights re ...

after all, backup software can backup all data reguardless of admin rights.

and the system is more secure if only system-admin specifc data is associated with administrator rights.

I never allow anyone but system-admin to have admin rights on thier data areas.
( though, with a real os, only system admin has any rights. )

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by bansode_rustum In reply to Administrator's rights re ...

We are also going like this situation. Solution for this is that make a domain user & give it required administrative permissions. Don?t give administrative group member.
This user must be having the member of account operator, backup. Then assign NTFS permissions that folder. Use the new user for administration & give Administrator password to ur Boss. If you require then request to him about password

Hope will be resolve

Rustum Bansode

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Administrative Rights

by Fred123456 In reply to Administrator's rights re ...

All of our executives "My Documents" shares are stored on our File and Print servers. No one, not even the admin, has rights to them. Our backup account was created when we installed our software and does have access to all folders and files. But its an account that only I have the password for.

But yes in most shops I have worked in, this was always in place.

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Only thing to do...

by cwaltzer In reply to Administrator's rights re ...

If he wants the Administrator's rights removed, remove them and add Backup Operator. Use that users rights to back up the machine. He will win, and you will get your backup done.

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Double Zombie

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Only thing to do...

Originally dead in June 2005, this discussion briefly rose from the grave 2 years later. Promptly re-inhumed, Dr. Froderick here decided to see another 20 months had resulted in either it's aging like fine wine or decomposing like the basement apartment of a Port-a-Potty. I opt for the latter.

This officially marks the end of the 'kinder, gentler Palmetto' resolution. Those of you who had Jan. 21st may collect your winnings from jd.

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You're starting to sound like Oz....

by jmgarvin In reply to Double Zombie

Are you sure that he didn't infest your brain?

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I should be so lucky.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You're starting to sound ...

His level of skills would make my job easier. Plus I'd inherit an near-encyclopedic body of musical knowledge.

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