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OK this should be a no brainer... but
I am migrating the user accounts from a NT4 server (PDC) sp6 to Windows 2000 Server. I have established the trusts but here is where I am confused. I am support to now add the "Domain Admins global group from the source (NT4) to the Administrative local group in the Target domain (2k server) and the reverse of this as well.
How do I accomplish this?? What is the actual process. I have all the pages of relevant articles I must be missing a simple step.

The current symptom is below:
Currently when I run the ADMT I revieve a message I am not an administrator on the source domain.

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by ins413 In reply to ADMT Help

I'm not sure what you have or haven't done so far. I came up with this quick checklist for my company's domain migration and all (or should I say most) went well. I don't remember where I got the info, but I can try to find it if you need it. It should send you in the right direction though.

1.ADMT requires an explicit trust from the source domain (trusting) to the target domain (trusted).

2.ADMT requires that the target domain be running in Windows 2000 native mode, since only this domain type supports the sIDHistory attribute. For interforest migrations, the tool must be run on a Windows 2000 domain controller in the target domain (for intraforest migrations, the tool can be run on either the target or source domain controller).

3.The user running the program must be a member of the Domain Admins group in both the source and target domains. This should be done by adding the Domain Admins group from the target Windows 2000 native mode domain to the source domain?s Administrators local group.

4.Auditing of success and failure of account management operations must be enabled in both the source and target domains.

5.A registry DWORD value must be created on the PDC in the source domain, setting the value name to TcpipClientSupport and the value data to 1. The registry path is HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Lsa. This setting enables all communications between source and target domains to use remote procedure calls (RPCs).

6.A new local group, <SrcDomainName>$$$, must be created in the source domain for auditing purposes.

7.Keep your fingers crossed and hope this works!!!

Let me know if you need anything else.


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by Hardware Geek In reply to ADMT Help

Thanks I had this info prior but was having a mental block as far as adding the Admin user info from one PDC to the other. I'll give you point for a quick reply but I have already resolved the issue. Thanks again I have kept your email for refernce if you dont mind.

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by Hardware Geek In reply to ADMT Help

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