ADMT - migrating 2 existing domains into 1 new domain.

By tropolite ·
Hi all

I'm running ADMT v3 and I have two Win2003 domains ("X" and "Y") in two different locales. We've just upgraded servers and have created a completely new Win2003 domain ("Z") and want to migrate the security groups, users, workstations, profiles, etc into this new domain ("Z").

I have full trusts with the domains.

I've struck a problem where I'm trying to migrate the workstations from "Y" into "Z" however I get an error saying no users or groups have been migrated yet.

The "X" domain's users and groups have been migrated into "Z" (which are the same users and groups we have in "Y", but the ADMT is not recognising them...

Is there a way to do this?? It would save SOOO much time.

Any input would be very welcome...

Kind regards

Troy S

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Need help in AD migration

by sandeepdasy In reply to ADMT - migrating 2 existi ...

Hi Troy,

You have mentioned that you migrated the users and all the related attributes from one AD 2003 to the other. I have the same task at hand. I have 2 ADs on two different locales, I would like to migrate only a set of users (OU) with all their group policies, account, etc.. so as to work in the same way if those users were to connect to this new AD. Could you please let me know how to go about this migration. If you have some documentation which provides a step by step migration, it would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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by modernel In reply to Need help in AD migration

Hi Sandee and Troy

Did you get this solution work???

I have the same problem here and I don?t know how to migrate 2 domains and (OU) with all their group policies to one unique domain

Could one of you help me with this?



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Better to post a new question

by TobiF In reply to HELP

Dear Daniel,

You have better chances of getting an answer to your situation if you post a new question and give the relevant details from your situation.

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