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    ADMT, Migration and Home Directories


    by dgemcse ·

    Any quick way of changing home directories AFTER using ADMT 2.0 to move user/groups from NT4 to 2000?

    ex: Created a prisitn forest (new domain) then migrated users, groups and pw using ADMT 2.0. Noticing now that ADMT was very thorough including the home directory paths….in mthis scenario, the paths will need to be changed as the NT4 domain is going away after restructure.

    Any other migration or admin tools that would change paths on a group or container scale?

    Is there any way to do this using GPO?

    To be specific…

    OLD HD z: \\oldserver\username$
    should be changed to
    z: \\NEWSERVER\username$

    Tricky part here is keeping the userbame the same while changinf the server name. As I mentioned before, these pathswere migrated from the old domain using ADMT.



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      Reply To: ADMT, Migration and Home Directories

      by chris.. ·

      In reply to ADMT, Migration and Home Directories

      Can be done in the users portion of the default domain GPO or by container specific GPO.

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