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    Adobe 7.0 problem


    by jim giles ·

    In previous versions of Adobe Reader (6.0) you could hyperlink to a PDF file from Microsoft Word.

    When we loaded Adobe Reader 7.0 you can create the link to a PDF file but it will not open and there is no error message. The hour glass comes up for a few seconds and then you are left in the word document.

    Is this a problem of software combatibily or do I need to configure Microsoft or Adobe to work with hyperlinking?

    The hyperlink option is being used extensively through out my organization.

    Thank you for any answers you may have.

    Jim Giles
    Air Force Audit Agency

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      Reply To: Adobe 7.0 problem

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Adobe 7.0 problem

      okay, so did you upgrade versions of ms wierd?
      after all you are trying to use a wierd feature to open an external app that is newer than wierd. you can get errors.

      should switch to open office, it can work with pdf.s better.
      and even use it to create pdf

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      Reply To: Adobe 7.0 problem

      by jim giles ·

      In reply to Adobe 7.0 problem

      I am running Microsoft Office 2003 with all the lastest service packs and patches installed.

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