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By m307 ·
Has anyone ever experience Adobe Acrobat printing slowly, eg. one page every 3 seconds?

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by tjayreid In reply to Adobe Acrobat

Never heard of that happening before as a result of Acrobat. Did this happen after another program was installed? Are you on a network and do you know what type? Are you using a networked printer or print server? Try unplugging the printer/print server if you have them for a bit so the memory inside clears itself. If it is a home printer, it could be your computer's memory or a program that is hogging all the resources. Try closing all other running programs and then try to print.

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by m307 In reply to

Yes. I have a Small Business Server network, and a seperate windows 2000 print server. I've tried rebooting the print server , but still the same thing.

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by TheChas In reply to Adobe Acrobat

We are seeing this ALL over our network.

We would love to see our PDF printing times improve to 3 seconds per page.

I have seen the first page take over a minute to process on the desktop before the printer gets the first byte of data.

While PDFs have always printed slower than other document types, when we replaced our aging Oce printers with new printers, the speed of printing PDFs took a real hit.

No one has a real solution as yet, I suspect it is a compatibility issue between Acrobat, Novel iPrint driver and the actual printer driver.

Perhaps the strangest symptom we are seeing is when you send documents to the printer while it is in standby mode.
Word and nearly every other application prints just fine with.
A PDF locks up the printer and power needs to be cycled before it will do ANYTHING else.

Our printer vendor has been trying all manner of upgrades and patches that are supposed to correct our printing issues. To no avail.

Bottom line, yes I have seen and experienced it.
Do not have any practical suggestions or solutions at this time.


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by m307 In reply to

Yep, excactly what i'm going through. I think it started when Service pack 2 came out. and also when Adobe acrobat 6 came out. I'm thinking it's between, Adobe 6 + SP2. I can seem to rememebr having this problem on adobe 5.

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by tjayreid In reply to Adobe Acrobat

just a simple reboot isn't enough, you have to let it stay unplugged for at least 15-30 seconds so the memory clears.

Here is a link that leads to the Adobe website

It goes to their support page specifically dealing with printing problems in Windows. See if any of it helps.

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by m307 In reply to

Thank but i was at this site yesterday, did not help. I still think it's service pack 2. I connected one of my windows xp workstations to a printer via the parallel port (LPT1) and it does the same thing.

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