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Adobe Acrobat

By rangelmart ·
I downloaded a file from TechRepublic
which required AdobeAcrobat to view its
PDF format but I got the message "the
file does not begin with '%PDF'.
Furthermore when I backup my accounting
files to the zip drive I get the Acrobat
logo on the copied files and can not restore
to previous condition.

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Adobe Acrobat

by Stillatit In reply to Adobe Acrobat

When you download a file, you have the chance to rename it. Sometimes this can happen accidentally by you clicking on another file in your download directory.

Recommendation: re-download the file.

If you are now getting the Acrobat logo on files which do not end in ".pdf" or ".fdf" you can fix this as follows (.pdf and .fdf are Acrobat extensions):

Start Windows Explorer (right-click on My Computer, then select "Explore")
Click the View menu, then click Options...
Click the "File Types" tab.
In the list, start at the top and use the down-arrow key to walk down the list of types. As you highlight each type, it will show you the icon (logo) it will use, and the file extensions it applies to.
Use the Edit button to change extensions.
Click OK when you are done.

If your accounting software uses .pdf or .fdf extensions, what happened is that when you installed Acrobat, it "took over" ownership of those extensions. You can un-do this if you know the content type and program name for your accounting software (check another computer that has it installed). If the type record for your accounting software is gone, you may have to re-create it with the "New Type" button.

Good luck.

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