Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional and Vista...

By adesso ·
Recently I had to replace my Dell D600 laptop of 4 years with a new Inspiron 6400. Unfortunately, I was a little too eager to jump on board with the new Vista platform. I have regretted that decision many times since then, but continue to persevere riding out the wave of incompatible software hoping for updates to pre-Vista software versions to get me back to where I was before my XP Pro machine died. One crucial software update I am waiting for is the one to make Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional compatible with Vista. Producing PDF documents is a daily function in my business, which I was doing just fine before Vista came into my life. I know I could just upgrade and be done with it, but I have seen posted on the Adobe website promises to make it compatible with Vista by mid year 2007. Well, that time has past and still no solution... at least not one that I know about. Hence my question - Has anyone using Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional found a way to make it compatible with Vista?

Regards, Mike

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NO however if this is a Mission Critical Application

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Adobe Acrobat 6 Professio ...

I wouldn't be waiting I would just bite the Bullet and upgrade to Adobe 8 Professional which is Vista Compatible.

Though it is slightly different to version 6 you will not have any problems adapting to the new version.

One Medical Program that I support was supposed to have a new SQL Engine for SQL 2005 available January 2007 I'm still waiting for this to become available. As it's the current product there is no possibility of a work around to the problems created once the Patient DBase exceeds 14 GIG.

These are estimated dates and are very rarely stuck to as other things crop up that take precedence and to be perfectly honest Adobe 6 is getting fairly old now so an upgrade wouldn't go astray and you'll know that any problems that develop will be fixed as fast as possible with the new version where as the older versions only get looked at when there is time available.


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Biting the bullet....

by adesso In reply to NO however if this is a M ...

OH Smeg,
You're right... I should just relieve my agony with being forced to upgrade rather than waiting on an empty promise. Thanks for the feedback. Mike

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Adobe acrobat Professional 6 Vista

by vanveen In reply to Adobe Acrobat 6 Professio ...

I have precisely the same Inspiron 6400 and the same problem and so far no solution. I guess Adobe wants us to buy the new 8 version , just downloaded the free 8 reader and no problems with Vista . However the reader version has very limited capability I.E can not combine docs .

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The saga continues...

by adesso In reply to Adobe acrobat Professiona ...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one, even though I was certain others had to be experiencing the same issue. Lesson learned, I should research more into the pros and cons of upgrading my platforms before actually doing it... in other words: "look before I leap!" As our fellow colleague 'OH Smeg' so eloguently phrased it, I should just "bite the bullet" and save myself a lot of grief and frustration form waiting on promised software patches that may never come. That's not the answer I was looking for, but it's good advice, nonetheless... so I'll pass it on to you. Happy trails!

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Vista software

by vanveen In reply to The saga continues...

Yes no idea how long we might have to wait for Vista compatible software. I have been thinking of taking a giant leap in to the darkness with my shiny new Inspiron 6400. That is , to reformat the whole thing with Windows XP Professional. However reading other forum comments that could get me in to even more trouble with a Dell Vista preinstalled 6400. So I think I will wait a bit before I try that.
Cheers, Peter

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Not Recommended

by tjfriends In reply to Adobe Acrobat 6 Professio ...

I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 installed on Win XP myself, and on checking its compatibility with Vista on Adobe website, it states that installing Acrobat 7 and earlier versions on Vista is NOT RECOMMENDED. It was the update / patch for Acrobat 8 that Adobe planned to update by the middle of 2007. Check the following link for yourself...

I guess we all have to cough up some more money to Adobe to get a Vista compatible Acrobat... too bad!

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Adobe products & Vista

by vanveen In reply to Not Recommended

That was good information , looks like Adobe is showing very little interest in getting their older XP software compatible with Vista.I guess they want us to buy their latest Vista software , expensive. How can I get my new Dell 6400 Inspiron that came with Vista , back to XP ?

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Call Dell and.............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Adobe products & Vista

Call Dell and ask for the downgraded XP CD. They offer it as an option when you purchase new computers, but you have to ask for it. It may cost a few bucks though.

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acrobat 6 and vista

by bmurphy In reply to Adobe Acrobat 6 Professio ...

in Word print to pdf printer, check the "print to file" check box. Give the saved file a .ps extension instead of .prn
Then double clicking the .ps file in explorer automatically starts distiller and makes a pdf file from the .ps file without having to take any other actions. At least it did on my computer.

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This TOTALLY works!

by michaelmouse515 In reply to acrobat 6 and vista

Having just installed 6.0 on my Vista PC, I downloaded every update I could from and got absolutely nowhere.
The suggestion provided here, though somewhat more involved than just clicking "print" and having the PDF appear before you, worked great for me.
As soon as the .prn file appears and you rename it to a .ps, Distiller kicks in, does a little magic, and you're left with a shiny, new .pdf -- you just need to have a 7.0 or 8.0 reader.

Thanks for the help!

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