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Adobe Acrobat and Acobat Reader

By Juergen Hartl ·
Is it possible to install Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and AcrobatReader 6.0 on the same machine?
When double clicking on a PDF File (local) or opening a PDF file in IE the Reader should be started.

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by Rind In reply to Adobe Acrobat and Acobat ...

Check what software has been installed by opening the Add/Remove icon in the control panel. If 5.0 was installed and you did not remove it before installing 6.0 both will appear in the software list. I have seen lots of pc's with both installed without any adverse effects. If your PDF's do not open in the reader, try uninstalling both 5 and 6 and reinstall 6. Some newer pdf files can not be opened with the older 5.0
Some more information would give a clearer indication of the problem. I would wager that the problem is not with reader but possibly with file associations.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Adobe Acrobat and Acobat ...

I actually did this recently on accident. I set up a new workstation, and put on Acrobat Reader 6.0 for PDF reading.
Then a week later, I was told that this user needed to make PDF files.
So, forgetting that they already had Reader v6, I put on Acrobat 5.0
I noticed after the install that both were on the machine.
So, yes, it is possible. I remember I opened a PDF in both Reader 6 and Acrobat 5, and they both worked.
But I believe that Acrobat 5 was the one that opened PDF files when you double-clicked them, since it was the 2nd one installed.
So, install Acrobat 5 first, then install Reader 6.0 after.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Adobe Acrobat and Acobat ...

Yes, I have it that way too. I originally pnl had Reader but then added a full Acrobat 5.0 over top.

To change which program opens the PDF when you double click, you shouldn't need to reinstall.

You can change the Folder Options, by opening a Windows Explore window (My Computer) and going to TOOLS>OPTIONS, select the PDF file type and click the ADVANCED button.
Here you will be shown the file open options, click Edit to change the program by browsing to Acrobat Reader click OK.

Clicking a PDF file will now execute the new startup path and open the file with Reader.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

I have NO IDEA what the 'pnl' in the first line is all about, please disregard it.

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to

done that before. Added an option to Edit (full acrobat) and an option to just Open (reader) it.
However when I try to open a PDF file on the internet, or open an attachment in my e-mail program always the full version comes up. It does not matter what I install first.

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by bldsm In reply to Adobe Acrobat and Acobat ...

I think so. I have 4 and 5 installed on one computer. I don't know how it happened but both appear to operate independently. Is there an advantage to using both?


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by Juergen Hartl In reply to

With the full version you can edit/create PDF files with reader tou can just read them.

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Adobe Acrobat and Acobat ...

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